česká verze / english version
The birth of the band is dated somewhen around spring 2003. Old line-up was constantly changing, with no marks of progression. So after an year of rehearsals and some live gigs two founding members, Misz and Glufka, decided to bring some fresh air into rotting cave named Bitterness. That new fresh air was personificated into three new musicians - as first breath there came guitarist named Gerc, who played with an old line-up for a while, and soon the rest of line-up changed completely with bassman Palo and battery chief Rumek.

Finally an old decade is left behind and that new is seeking for some rehearsing place. The first one was garage in a specific part of Trinec named Folvark. There the band rest for about an year, and this time could be described as creation catalysed by alcohol. In this place there were created songs as Starblast beside crescent moon, Despondency or Nightfall and old songs were mostly speeded up and modificated for two-guitar lineup. The first gig of new line-up was plaid on 16. April in Barrocko, and we didn't know, that...

After that episode band moved into rehearsing place of local rock-pub Barrocko. We all remember those moments very strongly and those are very deeply signed in our hearts and liver. But everything beautiful once ends. After about half an year of rehearsing the pub was closed by some kind of retiree and invalid organisation, which owned that place. That's what you could call "support of local culture" in our city.

Current part of our history started while meeting kotlikcore boss Jumbo, who owned some rehearsing place located in mountainous part of Trinec named Tyra. At first look Bitterness just fell in love with this place. Not just for it's inner comfortness, but also for its woody neighbourhood, and, of course, near pub called Liberda's. This was very powerful impulse for new creation. And so it happened. New songs, concretely Bliss of solitude, Sign of a moth and more were made, mighty gigs were plaid and so on. And, after months of rehearsing, the band came into studio G&M to record its first album entitled Sign of our extinction.


GLUFKA - vocals
RUMEK - batteries
MISZ - guitar